Industrialising a natural process to yield safe, valuable products, enabling improved sanitation and reduced pollution

The BioCycle - About Us


The BioCycle

We are the first venture to emerge from the overall Sanitation Ventures Program, supported by a grant to the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. We are in the process of developing a unique Black Soldier Fly (BSF) production technology that will allow entrepreneurs throughout the world to generate revenue from waste through its conversion into high value larval products including lubricants, biodiesel, chitosan, and soil conditioners.

Nutrient Upcycling

In nature, there is no waste as everything has a use to one organism or another. This is widely referred to as the Biocycle. In this perfect system, nutrients are continuously recycled by being passed on through the different levels of the food chain.

Goals & Approach

The ultimate goal of the BioCycle is to use insect technology to create a sustainable impact across the sanitation world through the roll-out of successful and sustainable Black Soldier Fly businesses, leading to a major impact in less economically developed countries. We stabilise and reduce the solid components of the sanitation stream and in addition employ a circular economy strategy to upcycle the available nutrients into higher value end-products.

FAMAE Top 100 Water Innovator

From over 3,000 candidates who applied for the 2019 Famae water challenge the BioCycle placed in the TOP 100. The call was for the design of “a simple and innovative product or service to preserve water, make it cleaner and accessible to everyone, all over the world”. Congratulations to the winners and to Famae for supporting such innovative and important businesses. See for more on the initiative.